Welcome to Genevieve's life!

Welcome to Genevieve's blog! My goal is to post a photo everyday to remember and document just how fast she is growing up. We don't want to miss anything!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cal Poly Pumpkins, Part II

We had to give the pumpkin patch a second go around because it was so hot and crowded last time we were there! Grandma brought you over to Mommy's work and you look so confused to see me at that time of the day. You had a great time running around the pumpkins while Mommy chased you with the camera. You loved picking up the pumpkins and you left the yucky ones alone, for the most part. Our visit was too short and Mommy had to go back to work. Bye bye to the pumpkin patch till next year Genevieve...

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  1. It was fun to take you to Mommy's work and see the pumpkins. You could run free and clear and we didn't have to worry about you getting hurt.
    I wish we could have stayed longer.
    Grandma Terri