Welcome to Genevieve's life!

Welcome to Genevieve's blog! My goal is to post a photo everyday to remember and document just how fast she is growing up. We don't want to miss anything!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hot Chocolate Kitchen Madness

 You love boxes and little bottles and jars. In fact, you love them more then toys. Given the choice between cereal boxes and toys you will choose the cereal boxes every time. So it shouldn't be surprising to me that you love taking the box of hot chocolate out of the cabinet and taking each packet out one by one and spreading them all over the kitchen floor. Lucky for me they are tightly sealed but I am consistently picking up the packets up off the floor and putting them back into the cabinet. Sometimes you even use the packets as "ice skates" and move around the floor with them on the bottoms of your feet. You use to do the same with the tea bags but I moved those to a higher cabinet.

1 comment:

  1. I will have to put the hot cocoa mix down lower for you to play with. I didn't know it was so much fun.
    Grandma Terri