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Welcome to Genevieve's blog! My goal is to post a photo everyday to remember and document just how fast she is growing up. We don't want to miss anything!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy 1/2 birthday Genevieve!

From Grandma.... 
Today we went with Brooklyn, Gage, and Brenda to Knott's Berry Farm. You had a good time playing with Brooklyn in the backseat as we drove to Buena Park. It wasn't crowded at all at Knott's Berry Farm and we got to go on all the rides without waiting in lines. We spent most of our time in Camp Snoopy. There were a few rides that you were too short to go on and Brooklyn (who is six months older) was able to go on. You didn't complain however.You waited with me while Brooklyn had her fun. Brooklyn likes to be little mother sometimes and she told you to stand in front of the sign to see if you were tall enough to go on the ride. She said, "You're good." and took your hand to go on the airplane ride. 
In Camp Snoopy there was a camp bus ride that went around in circles, a spinning ride, a truck ride, a bouncer, a race car ride, and a hot air balloon ride. You were great with all of them and had lots of fun. The race cars and the airplanes were your favorites.You didn't like the Calico Mine ride too much. It was dark in places. After that we went on the train and you kept asking me "Is there a cave?" I assured you there were no caves on the train ride and you were happy. We had lunch in the birthday section of the Camp Snoopy restaurant. We sang happy birthday to all of you. I had forgotten it was your 2 1/2 birthday, but you did get your song anyway.
Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, and Lucy were there. At first you were too afraid to get close, but at the end you gave Snoopy a big hug. We also got to see all of them in a show at Camp Snoopy. 
We went on the stage coach and got to sit on top with the driver. You were hoping for the horses to go poop, but unfortunately they didn't cooperate.
After a day of rides, food, and fun we headed home when the park closed at 6:00. You, Brooklyn and Gage fell asleep all the way home. You slept though the night for your mom and dad too. What a good girl!
Grandma Terri

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