Welcome to Genevieve's life!

Welcome to Genevieve's blog! My goal is to post a photo everyday to remember and document just how fast she is growing up. We don't want to miss anything!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Disneyland 1st Visit

We took you to Disneyland today for the 1st time. We were able to get free passes and grabbed lunch on our way down so it made it a nice cheap day out. We got to the park and while Daddy went on Splash Mountain Mommy took you on your 1st ride, Winnie the Pooh. It looked like pooh went on an acid trip, I can't say it was a hit with me, but you seemed to like the car moving and the animation. After that we did the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. Daddy went on Indiana Jones and Star Tours and I took you on Storybook Land Cruise, Jungle Cruise and we did the Tikki Room. It was getting crowded because they were roping off for the parade so we headed over to California Adventure. Daddy went on Tower of Terror while me and you walked to the pier and back, and on the "Chew Chew Train" in bugland. It was time to go, what a fun day, you had a good time riding the rides, although waiting in line for more then 10 minutes was exhausting for me to keep you entertained.

You must have been tired because at home you crawled into my lap and fell asleep. No nursing or car ride, just walked up to me, climbed up my leg, laid your head down and fell asleep. It was so so sweet.

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